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Mobile repair all over Canada!


Fill the form and ship

Broken screen? Battery no longer charges?

Your mobile device is broken ? The team at FIX MY MOBILE are experts in iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and cellphone repairs. Make sure your mobile phone is in the best hands possible when having delicate electronic work done. Only experienced, qualified technicians work on your mobile phone which makes us the best at what we do! 

FILL OUT the following form below specifying the type of mobile device you need to fix (cellphone, tablet, music device), the model (IPhone, IPad, IPod, Android), and the problem you are experiencing. Service only available in Canada.

We specialise in :

  • The repair of iPhone screens
  • The repair of iPad screens
  • The repair of Samsung Galaxy screens
  • The replacement of batteries
  • The repair of the charging port
  • The repair of the power button
  • The repair of the volume buttons
  • The repair of the speakers
  • The repair of the home button
  • The repair of the cameras
  • The repair of the earphone jack


WE WILL ANALYSE your request and send you an estimation of the repair costs by email. If you agree to the repair costs, send the mobile device to us and we will then proceed to repair your mobile device. If ever your mobile device is beyond repair, we can also offer you some cash for the spare parts.


Repaired and sent back

ONCE REPAIRED, an email with a photo of the repaired device will be sent to you, with a paypal payment link. Once the payment has been received, we will send back your mobile device in a prepaid envelope, FREE OF CHARGE!